Please refer below to the statement regarding the participation in HOOPS LAB programmes (the “Programmes”) or products (the “Product(s)”).

If you have any queries relating to the specific terms and conditions for any HOOPS LAB programme or product, please contact us or phone +61 411 477 728.

i. I hereby acknowledge that I have been advised and thoroughly informed of the inherent risks of playing the sport of basketball.

ii. That playing sport involves certain inherent risks of physical injury, sickness and other related injuries and that such injuries may result in death or serious disablement.

iii. That injuries of the type referred to in (ii.) above, may require treatment in a hospital.

iv. That basketball played under the supervision of HOOPS LAB are physically demanding activities and in susceptible individuals, may cause injuries to limbs, or other health problems.

v. That basketball played under the supervision of HOOPS LAB necessarily involve the use of equipment and activity that under extreme circumstances may cause injury, giving rise to risk of death or disablement.

vi. That basketball played under the supervision of HOOPS LAB necessarily involves exposure to the health risks including but without limiting the generality thereof, increased heart rate through excitement or physical exertion, tripping, falling, collision between players and such exposure brings with it attendant risk of death or disablement.

I further acknowledge that having been advised of the risks associated with basketball or sporting activities, hereby release and hold harmless HOOPS LAP,Board of Directors and staff from any suit, demand or claim arising as a consequence of death or injury received by me during my said sporting activity within any site and under supervision of HOOPS LAB.

I further acknowledge that this statement may be relied upon in any proceedings instituted in any Court by me or my heirs, executors and assigns.