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"Being fortunate enough to have a professional career spanning over a decade. My passion for basketball led me to wanting to share my knowledge and love for the game through Hoops Lab

Coaching basketball is not work me, it’s a passion! And when you’re passionate about something you give it your all.
Attention to detail is very important, the details and work ethic separate the good player from the great players. Seeing players grasp the concepts I teach and implement it into their game is one of my greatest satisfactions."



"I was a shy kid growing up. I never excelled in any specific area nor did I have the confidence to try to. Not until I took up basketball and fell in love with it.
I learned that with hard work and discipline I could advance quickly through the ranks and that’s what I did.
I chased my dream to play pro knowing full well I started very late,
only going to my first rep tryout when I turned 18.
Although I have enjoyed a great playing career and I have seen the world, I was restricted by my lack of knowledge of how to further my development. I want to help others achieve their dreams and give them the tools I was lacking.
To be honest I just want to be around the game that I love and share that love and passion with others."



"I love to mentor and develop athletes.
I believe the key to becoming a great player is through building your foundation on solid fundamental techniques. These are the philosophies the our team at Hoops Lab try to focus on.  
I want to give anyone who is willing to put in the effort, a chance and direct them with my knowledge and experience as best as I can."



Being fortunate enough to spend 6 years competing in the USA against countless NBA players while in High School and College. Then returning home to compete in the NBL against the highest competition. I realized passing on the knowledge and lessons I have learned to be most rewarding.

As a coach we try to stress the little things because little things lead to big things.